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We the residents of Scandinavian have incorporated with SESDO Organization within the rules and regulations of Sweden non-profit organizations. Somali Environmental and Social Development Organization are established to fulfill the responsibility towards humanity regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, location, religion, cultural diversity and social background, with a special focus on most of the population, live below the poverty line in Somalia.

SESDO Organization provides charitable assistance in the field of education, hunger and emergency relief to alleviate the poverty of underprivileged people in Somalia. Every dollar contributed by donors or members is used as efficiently as possible to maximize the impact. We carefully monitor our administrative and fundraising expenditures to optimize efficiency and ensure control and transparency.

Somali Environmental and Social Development Organization (SESDO) believes that ensuring socio-economic development for the poor, marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society is the most significant step towards poverty alleviation and human development. SESDO Organization emphasizes more on educational development programs such as technical and vocational training programs that support youth and children to get connected with rest of the world to understand the important concerns at each level of their life and live with dignity.


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